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ALMEDA the Happy Cowgirl

ALMEDA is one of MONTANA'S BEST western singer songwriters.

Her love of the West is compellingly expressed in traditional and original songs and poetry.

ALMEDA engages, entertains and educates her audiences with family-friendly fun, western history, sing-alongs and yodeling.

ALMEDA will be performing on the 100 CLub Free Stage.

Thursday // 6 pm and 8 pm

Friday // Noon, 6pm and 8pm

Saturday // Noon, 6pm and 8pm


Chef Landrey's Comedy Cajun Cooking Show

CHEF LANDRY hails from Louisiana and is a master of comedy and Cajun cooking. He brings audiences a satisfying, interactive and anecdotal experience with stories, jokes and authentic bayou cuisine.

He will be performing on the 100 CLub Free Stage.

Thursday // 4pm and 7 pm.

Friday // 1pm, 4pm and 7pm.

Saturday // 1pm, 4pm and 7pm.

Sunday // 1pm


DCC Corn Schucking Contest

Support our local Dawson Community College and compete in their Corn Shucking Contest at 5:00 on the Dawson 100 Club Free Stage on Thursday, August 11th!


Glendive Jaycee's Jenga Contest

The Glendive Jaycees will be hosting a Giant Jenga Contest on the 100 Club Free Stage on Friday from 2-4.


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