“Fair for All: The Fairgrounds Renovation Project”

After the Grandstands at the Dawson County Fairgrounds were condemned, our Glendive community joined together to make sure new grandstands were built.

A committee was formed, a plan was made and they started collecting donations from businesses and community members. Dozens of volunteers got to work putting in countless hours tearing down the old wood Grandstands and started building the new. Churches, civic organizations, clubs and families rotated bringing meals for those who were working. It became a test of honor to bring a meal.

The volunteers formed a committee called “Fair for All: The Fairgrounds Renovation Project” in April of 2000. The organizers wanted the name to signify that the fairgrounds belongs to the community.

Eventually, Fair for All turned into the Dawson 100 Club. A non-profit organization that is dedicated to funding improvements, projects and building maintenance. The goal was to have 100 members pay $100 a year. They were very close at one time.

The Grandstands, along with so many other projects, could not have been possible without the support and efforts of 100 Club members and volunteers.>>>For a $100 a year, you can help make improvements, projects, and renovations possible!

"The Dawson County Fairgrounds is for our Community.”

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